The Doctoral Researcher Association (Dåcta) will have its Autumn meeting on Wednesday 23rd November, 2022 at 17:00. The event will be hybrid. You may attend,

At the meeting we will present the association, our plan and budget for 2023, and elect a new board for 2023. All doctoral researchers at Åbo Akademi University are welcome to the meeting, but only members have the right to vote and get elected to the board.

If you wish to be on the board, please be prepared to introduce yourself at the meeting. We hope to elect a board with members from a diverse background in terms of disciplines, faculty and geography (Turku and Vasa). If there are many volunteers for the same positions, the vote will decide (so we need all of you there ;)).

We want to stress that the board positions are not decided in advance and all members are free to run for the board. Moreover, you can only serve two consecutive years on the board, and thus there will be many board posts available.

If you have any questions about the board posts and responsibilities, please don’t hesitate to contact current board members.